About Us
Our History And Background
We have been providing professional training services for the hotel and catering industry for decades. Since 2005, we have a strong employer network. To meet the needs and demands of the industry, we started to provide the youth with professiona; culinary qualifications and prepare for them to join the industry.
  • Overseas chefs and catering professionals, catering managers provides professional trainings that keeps up to the paces of the current trend of the industry.
  • We are also one of the WSET Recognized Examination Centres, Hong Kong Hotels Association and HKFORT Recognized Training Body.

Our Purposes
We help youths finding the career path in the Hotel and Catering Industry in order to improve their quality of life and keep up with the competitiveness of the catering industry.

Our Missions
Being the professional culinary training school in Hong Kong, we strive for upkeeping personal and social quality of people in Hong Kong and China by providing legitimate and authentic western culinary culture and arts experience.
Our Aims

  • Our Academy provides kitchen practice at school and internships at hotels under the Hong Kong Hotels Association 
    training schemes.
  • Our Academy trains our students to provide healthy western food.   We ensure that students possess the correct attitude
    and with good discipline at work. Our young Chef’s are prepared to work in the industry with professional qualification,
    good ethic and discipline.
  • Our Academy support and participate various visits; participate on Food & Beverage shows; booths and competitions so that our chef teachers can share their experience and updates on their knowledge and skills, students will have more experience for their future competitiveness such as Cruise and Hotel Visits; Gourmet Visits; participate on Wine & Dine; Restaurant & Bar; Food Expo & Seafood Expo; TVB Recordings; MLA Competitions; HOFEX Competitions etc.
  • Our Academy partnership and collaborate with the Hong Kong Boys & Girls Association, we encourgae students to participate extra activities voluntary on charitable events and serve to the eldery and low incomes to reward to the society.
  • Our Academy support environmental friendly, we also partnership and collaborate with Greeners Action and 5'S Association, we encourage student to be organized, eliminate and reduce on food waste, these also benefical for their future development.
Our Students
The professional training, knowledge and experience of our graduates is often welcome by most employers.

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