Patisserie - Intermediate Level Training Class

Course code: pati2s


Duration / Structure:

  • 5 weeks@1,5days / 35 Items and 2 sessions revision and 1 session practical assessment


  • 80 Hours 4 hours per session for 20 sessions


  • HK$18,300

Time and Date:

2017/11/13 - 2017/12/12(Mon) & (Tue)
Monday and Tuesday: 0830 - 1230 and 1330 - 1730
(11/13, 11/14, 11/20, 11/21, 11/27, 11/28, 12/04, 12/05, 12/11, 12/12)

Medium of Instruction: English



  • Heinz Fischer

Teaching Assistant: 1


Maximum Number of Students: 6


Entry Requirement: Completed "Patisserie - Entry Level Training Class"


Miscellaneous Fees: 3,500

  • Tools and utensils
  • Uniform and Insurance
  • Consumable in the Lesson and Finished products to be taken home

Award: Certificate in Patisserie (Intermediate Level)


Passing Requirement: 90% attendance and passing the practical assessment at the end of the course


Make-up classes are allowed but subject to prior approval (2 weeks before), validity of proof of absence and availability.

Make-up classes do not count as attendances.


Advanced into: --> Certificate in Boulangerie (Intermediate Level) --> Certificate in Pastry Arts (advanced Level) leading to the qualificaction for Diploma in Pastry Arts (Pastry Chef)


Application Deadline: 3 days before the course start


Re-assessment Arrangement: For those who fail, has the right to apply for re-taking the practical assessment at the cost of HKD900 and arranged with the next group. This is valid for 6 months starting from the date which the course ends.



  • Bread / Bakery: Walnut Bread, Ticino Bread, Cornbread, Muesli Bread, Pancetta Loaf, Pumpkin-seed Loaf
  • Cookies: Sable, Zurich Nuts, Chocolate Rosettes, Poppy-lemon cookies, Viennese Waffle, Coffee Cinnamon chocolate chips Cookies
  • Tarts: Blueberry, Pistachio, Lemon, Assorted Fruits, Apple pie, Hollander
  • Pastries: Eclair, Choux, Profiteroles, Paris-Brest, Swan
  • Cakes: Lemon, Marble, Linzer, Sponge V&B, Brownie
  • Desserts: Chocolate Terrine, Cheese-Cake, Pear Crumble, Apple Tarts with Vanilla Sauce, Cream Caramel
  • Decoration: Marzipan Lemon, Flower Chocolate Piping
  • Revisions: Q & A and Preparation for practical Assessment
  • Practical Assessment: Take a draw of the topics and produce the products accordingly within 3 hours.


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