For Enrolment Procedure

Application and Admission Procedures

For Full Time Programmes:-
1. Application Submission
An acknowledge email will be sent to applicants who apply online. All applicants are required to attend an interview and applicants will be informed of their interview arrangements by email and phone. Those who do not receive interview arrangements within 1 month of their application should call us at Tel. 2156-0612 for verification.

2. Interview Selection

When deemed appropriate, the Academy will invite eligible and suitable applicants to attend an interview/ selection test. Selected applicants will receive interview/ test notifications by email/ phone/ SMS. Applicants can also enquiry their application status through email,

3. Application Result

Admission is based on individual merits.  In general, the Academy will take into account of applicants' interview/ test performance, academic achievements and non-academic performance during the assessment process. Successful applicants will be offered a place of admission immediately after their interview. In case of other pending matters subject to further approval, applicants are required to meet the required standards before an offer letter can be given.

To accept the admission offer, applicants must pay a NON-REFUNDABLE Admission Confirmation Fee of ie, HK$8,300 as the first instalment and a non-refundable miscellaneous fee of ie,HK$4,000.  A copy of our refund policy can be found in Appendix 1.

Applicants who do not receive notification by early August can assume that their applications have been unsuccessful and no written notification will be sent to unsuccessful  applicants.

4. Enrolment and Orientation

Enrolment for new students is normally scheduled in late June until early August. Orientation will be held on the first day of school.

5. Class Commencement

Classes start in early September / October.

For Interest Class Programmes:-

1. Application Submission
An acknowledge call or email will be sent to applicants who apply online.  If there are spaces in the programme, the Academy will notify the student to made the tuition fee to confirm the space as interest class is on a first come first serve basis.  Late application will not be accepted or only apply to the next available programme.  Those who do not receive a call or email for acknowledgement within 3 days of their online application should call us at Tel. 21560612 for verification.

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