Notices To Students
1. After entering the kitchen
  • Put away your belongings first at the appropriate location. Keep valuables with you.
  • Wash your hands appropriately and thoroughly and then sanitize.
  • Listen to/follow the teacher/instructor's instructions.

2. Food Waste and Garbage Treatment

  • Do not pour greasy things into the sink such as butter, cream, chocolate, soy sauce, etc. they have to be emptied to the food waste bin (BLACK GARBAGE BAG)
  • The kitchen FOOD waste should be put into black garbage bags. Ordinary garbage is placed in white garbage bags.
  • Please bring two small towels for cleaning and drying or purchase from the college. (YELLOW cloth is used for drying something clean, BROWN cloth is used for table wiping)
  • We do the RECYCLING in the kitchen (paper, plastic bottles, metals, carton boxes and glass bottles), pls ask our helpers for assistance if necessary.

3. Safety aspects

  • Don't run in the kitchen
  • Please use knives and sharp objects with care and under teacher’s instructions. When carrying knives in the kitchen, point them down.
  • Please do not touch any electric switch in the kitchen and unplug all the electric appliances without teacher’s approval.

4. Clothing/Uniforms

  • Please wear the school uniforms provided including chef jacket, apron, oven cloth and chef hat.
  • Please wear dark trousers when attending classes.
  • Please wear non-slippery shoes, DO NOT wear, skirts (no matter long or short), shorts, sandals, slippers and high heel shoes, Otherwise your insurance is NOT covered when you get injured.

5. Make up lessons

  • There are no supplementary or make-up lessons for this course except from the college’s approval.

6. Issuing a certificate

  • Requirements for issuing a certificate: the attendance rate should be 75% or above, and the certificate will not be issued if the minimum requirement is not met.
  • When the certificate is ready, we will notify you by whatsapp.
  • It takes approximately three months after the end of the course.

7. Electronic questionnaire

  • We will distribute electronic questionnaires before the end of the class, please complete and return the questionnaires. We need your valuable advice.

8. Chef uniform deposit/other issues

  • After the last lesson, we will arrange to collect the school uniform and refund part of the deposit.
  • Before entering the kitchen, go to the front desk to take your temperature and put on the chef's uniform, and then enter the classroom before 7pm.
  • Please take your belongings with you after each class.
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