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Student Visas

For non-local students who require a student visa to stay in Hong Kong, there will be a visa processing fee of HKD$5,000.  Meanwhile, if the visa application is rejected by the Director of Immigration, HKD$2000 will be refunded to the students [However, if the rejection is due to the mistake of the applicant (i.e. unable to provide valid financial proof or unable to meet the deadline of the submission of required documents), HKD$5000 will NOT be refunded to the applicant].

Student Visa Application

Upon admission, the Academy will help you to apply for a student visa, only on a full time programme.  As it may take 8 weeks to 4 months for the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to process your student visa application (You are strongly advised to submit it as soon as you have received a confirmation on the admission offer from the Academy).

You will be informed of the details of visa applications, immigration regulations, health care, cost of living and other non-academic matters of concern to non-local students if you are offered admission to one of our programmes.

* Please note that the Immigration Department may not accept student visa applications from certain nationals. For details, please refer to the Immigration Department’s website

The following is a list of documents we require for the submission of student visa:

  1. Copy of the bio data page of the applicant’s passport or a copy of any other relevant travel document;

  1. Acceptance letter from the institution;

  1. Applicant’s recent passport photograph x 4;

  1. Applicant’s previous educational certificate and transcripts;

  1. Proof of applicant’s financial status (e.g. bank statements, savings, account passbooks, salary slips, previous employment contracts etc.) and when the Applicant is unable to show that they have sufficient means for their educational fees, accommodation, living expenses please see (7) below.

  1. Proof of where the Applicant will stay (with proof of accommodation);

  1. When the Applicant is unable to show financial means to study the course then there must be a financial sponsor. For the financial sponsor, we would require the following:

       a. An undertaking (letter) by the sponsor that he will cover the educational fees and all living expenses of the applicant. It must also state what the relationship with the applicant is and why he is sponsoring the applicant;

       b. Photocopy of the sponsor’s Hong Kong Identity Card (if applicable);

       c. Photocopy of the sponsor’s passport and/or travel documents;

       d. Proof of the sponsor’s financial standing (e.g. bank statements, or company documents);

       e. Bank statements highlighting that the financial sponsor has deposited the sum of money to the applicant and state in his undertaking  that the money is for the applicant’s use.

*Please note the list above is non-exhaustive and more documents may be required. 

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