Basic Molecular Gastronomy Cookery



  • HK$10,200
  • (Included portable equipment and ingredients worth HK$3500 for individual, but not include big pot & pan; induction cooker; vacuum packing machine / sous vide machine / circulator)


Lesson 1
  • Inverse espherification, liquid green olive (or Bo Innovation molecular Xia lon Bao)
  • Direct espherification, mango caviar
  • Fake mango egg
Lesson 2
  • Gellan gum, ham noodles
  • Mozzarella balloon
  • Isomalt, play with sugar
Lesson 3
  • Chocolate snow
  • Strawberry mousse foam
  • Strawberries with cream
Lesson 4
  • Sparkling grapes
  • Frizzy foie and cotton candy
  • Scented oils
  • Cream brulee foam
Lesson 5
  • CRYO: Using dry ice and liquid nitrogen
Lesson 6
  • 63 degree egg
  • Sous vide salmon
  • Sous vide chicken breast
  • Osmotic orange with vinegar

Course Arrangement: 3 hours per lesson, total 6 lessons.

Medium of Instruction: English

Maximum no: 16

Instructor: Francisco Pazos

Notice: Make-up classes are allowed but subject to prior approval, validity of proof of absence and availibility.
Make-up classes do not count as attendances.


  • "Attendance Certificate in Basic Molecular Gastronomy Cookery" - (Attendance: 75% or above)  Award will be issued within 3 months.


01. Experience in cookery - proof of working / work in the commercial kitchen.
02. had attended one of our cookery course, for example, STAR1T - Starter and Main Course.
03. Basic understanding of English (non English speaker is also considered with a declaration letter that he/she will only receive English Instruction. School is not obligatory to ensure the learning outcome met due to English Proficiency)
04. There is no age restriction.

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