European Desserts
Course code: EUR1DE
Courses: European Desserts
Fees: HKD 5000
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Registration Code: eur1de20240627 (Thu)    
2024/06/27 - 2024/08/15     Time: 7:00pm-10:00pm
(06/27, 07/04, 07/11, 07/18, 07/25, 08/01, 08/08, 08/15)
Course code: EUR1DE

This course is part of City & Guilds Assured Certificate in Food Business Start-up.


  • Lai King


  • HK$5,000
  • Student needs to prepare the following items and deposit on the start day.
    • Deposit of chef uniform sets total $402
       (By cash, including chef jakcet($300), apron($50), big towel($30),spoon & fork ($10,no return) and chef hat($12,no return))
    • Two new kitchen clothes with different colours$12


Students can serve different kinds of European Desserts from basics to professionals. Students can learn and apply the basic skills of dessert plating.


  • Lemon Posset with hazelnut short bread and mango foam
  • White chocolate and passion fruit dome with rose cream
  • Mille Feuille of Strawberry parfait and compote
  • Yogurt Panna cotta with lemon grass foam
  • Baked Alaska
  • Apple tart Tartin with Home-made rum and raisin ice cream
  • Green tea tiramisu with red bean foam
  • Crèpes Suzette
  • Dark Chocolate soufflé with cocoa nibs sherbet
  • Brandy poached strawberry crème brulee with vanilla cream
  • Raspberry flavoured chocolate lava cake
  • Floating island
  • Rum Baba
  • Peach Melba
  • Fruity Pavlova cup with raspberry sauce
  • Chocolate mousse with raspberry foam and almond crisps


  • Chef Eric P., teaches a variety of cakes, western cuisines and dessert classes tailored to students of different levels.  He graduated from University, UK with a Degree in Culinary Arts Management and has worked in numerous top Hong Kong Hotels and has worked under Gordon Ramsay.  He is particularly good at making western cuisines and desserts, and has been featured in numerous shows and media.

Make-up: This course do not provide make-up classes.

Course Arrangement:

  • 8 Lessons, 3 hours per lesson
  • Medium of Instruction: English for English Speakers or Cantonese Supplemented with English Terminology
  • Maximum no. 16
  • Assessments: Not Applicable
  • Awards: " Attendance Certificate in European Desserts" (Attendance: 75% or above)  Award will be issued within 3 months.

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