Victorinox Cutlery Company products draw upon a century of tradition and experiences. It's story began in 1884 when Karl and Victoria Elsener founded the company. I887, the "Officer Knife" which later became known as the "Swiss Army Knife"was patented.


The swiss emblem was inlayed in the Officer's Knife to make it more readily dentifiable as a Swiss product and to distinguish it fro a German imitation. Named after Karl's deceased mother Victoria Elsener, VICTORIA was chosen as the firm's first trademark. Later, Karl Elsener started using the newly developed stainless steel 'Inox" was the adopted into the trademark and became today's "VICTORINOX".


Today, Victorinox has extented its excellence from swiss army knife to Kitchen Knife, Swiss army watch and travel Gear. These products have one thing in commom: They are an expression of the Victorinox philosophy, which  is ased on solid values.  Flawless quality combined with great reliability, funtionality with innovation, refined features with absolute perfection, and iconic desing.

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