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6. Items of Charges

There will be no additional charges for all courses except deposits and class fees. In special circumstances, students who need the following services will be charged fees by the following table.

No. Full Time
Part Time
Interest Class Items Charges
1. Change of Programme
2. Apply to return Reservation Fee
3. Administration Fee (Students are responsible to pay involved Administration Fee of application for return school fees.)
4. Reprint Transcript / School Report
Per copy
5. Appeal
Per module
6. Letter of Reference / Proof
7. Replacement / Re-issue of Student ID
8. Retake Examination
Per module
9. Application for Exemption
10. Re-register (including transfer of interest class)
11. Letter for Payment
12. Interview / Application Fee
13. Lateness of collecting certificate/transcript
HK$150 (within 1~3 months)
HK$300 (within 3~6 months)
13. Lateness for application of certificate
HK$150 (within 1~3 months)
HK$300 (within 3~6 months)
14. Return of locker overdue 1 week
Deposit forfeit
15. Miscellaneous Fee

  1. Only Professional Interest/Short Course applicants may change Courses once before the starting date of the original enrolled Course.
  2. Make-up classes are only applicable for Basic Cookery Classes and is subject to advance approval, valid proof of absence and availibility.
  3. Hong Kong Culinary Academy & Penasia School of Continuing Education reserves the right to make the final decision in any dispute.
7. Payment

For Application in Full-Time/Part-Time/Daytime Short Courses,

Applicant will receive by e-mail or phone about the details of the interview, after the application has been received. Please attend the interview according to the date and time mentioned on the e-mail / phone conversation. Please bring along with identification document, proof of academic / work experience (if available) and application fee.

Applicant will be notified the result after the interview and received the offer letter by school. Applicant must pay first instalment of school fee and Non-refundable fee on or before the date noted in the offer letter.

For Application in Professional Interest / Short Courses,

To secure the application, please pay the Course fees as soon as possible by following methods:

  1. By cheque:

    Post to "1/F, Block C, Cho Yiu Centre, Cho Yiu Chuen, No.6 King Cho Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong" with cheque and copies of academic record. Specify the post by your name and the course preferred. Please make your cheque payable to "Hong Kong Culinary Academy Ltd.," . (Please send the cheque by mail directly. Do not bank-in to bank account. It will cause delay.)
    For CEF courses: Make the cheque ayable to "Penasia School of Continuing Education"

  2. Bank-in:

    Deposit the amount of school fees to HSBC No. (004-)747-102762-001. And with the bank-in slip and/or academic records, fax to 37477844 or post to "1/F, Block C, Cho Yiu Centre, Cho Yiu Chuen, No.6 King Cho Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong" with your name and preferred courses.
    For CEF courses: Deposit the amount of school fees to Hang Seng Bank No. (024-)383-685112-001.

  3. In person:

    Visit us at 1/F, Block C, Cho Yiu Centre, Cho Yiu Chuen, No.6 King Cho Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong and pay by cheque or in cash.

  4. Faster Payment System (FPS)

    Use the ID:2906956 and follow the procedures by FPS,and send the result to

  5. by Telegraphic transfer: (For International Students Only)
    BANK NAME HSBC Hong Kong
    BANK ADDRESS No.1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
    ACCOUNT NO. 004-747-102762-001
  6. Paypal

    You can pay rightafter the submission of application form or by clicking the link in the application confirmation email on your email inbox. After payment, please send the confirmation receipt to for verification.

    Note*  There will be a Surcharge by Paypal not by Hong Kong Culinary Academy.  We suggest that you can choose one of the payment method from No.01 to No.05. That might save you HK$100 or more.

*** Before clicking the Submit Application, please check and make sure you have entered all the correct information and read all the above terms and conditions. ***